It has been a very busy period since the last Newsletter as we have been consolidating our relationships with our wide-ranging networks, preparing a variety of planning submissions and dealing with a number of governance issues.  

The highlight for WinZero was being asked to introduce the Chief Executive Officer of the TrueGreen Group, Scott Taylor, to the Southern Highlands Key Stakeholders Group. This is a very interesting company with a strong “green” pedigree, and we look forward to watching their exciting developments at the Moss Vale industrial precinct over the next couple of years. Check out their website for more details on their portfolio of activities –   We are organising a webinar for WinZero Members so you can hear the plans of this company.

We also took the opportunity at that meeting to introduce the concept of a Renewable Energy Industrial Precinct for the Moss Vale industrial area along the lines of those being worked on by Beyond Zero Emissions (BZE) in Gladstone and the Hunter Valley This is an idea that is a long way from becoming a reality, but WinZero will continue to work via our membership of BZE and with the relevant Moss Vale stakeholders to see what might be achievable in this regard. 

Proposed Plastic Recycling Factory in Moss Vale – WinZero has been liaising with GHD who is doing the  Community and Stakeholder Engagement for the project.  We are arranging a webinar with them for our members so that we can hear more details about this project.  If you have any particular areas of concern you would like included in the topics to be discussed, please send through your questions to 

Frensham DA Submission to Planning Consultant. – WinZero sent a submission to the WSC Planning Consultant highlighting the recent DA from Frensham for a group of “eco” cabins on their Lower Holt land, which was outsourced for an environment assessment.  You can read the full submission here.

Energy-to-Waste Plant in Bungonia

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This controversial proposal promises to be the first of many in NSW given the recent changes in this area suggested by the EPA.

Instead of developing such radical solutions to an undoubted waste disposal problem, why don’t we concentrate on (and adequately fund) reduction of waste at systems design and manufacturing/production stages.  Whenever and wherever waste is created, it is far more energy efficient and less polluting to separate and treat it as homogeneous, consistent and safe streams close to the source.

‘Waste-to-energy’ plants (aka incinerators) rely on high calorific fuels to be efficient. Some of these produce toxic outputs and are problematic to control. And, guess what, these high calorific ‘fuels’ can be better avoided by being reused and recycled rather than burned (often 100’s of kilometres from source of generation), thus impacting on local communities who unwillingly have other’s ‘waste’ inflicted upon them.

Photo: Goulburn Post

We should not fall for the ‘waste from energy’ mantra. Indeed, it is in fact ‘wasted energy’ foisted upon the regional community from a failed lineal system designed for inefficient and wasteful paradigms. We CAN surely do better than this!!

Expansion of Tahmoor South Coal Mine approved.  


On April 23, 2021, the NSW Independent Planning Commission (IPC) approved the Tahmoor coal mine’s expansion project in Bargo.  This is despite the significant concerns raised  relating to subsidence; groundwater and surface water impacts – particularly on Thirlmere Lakes; other issues area air quality; biodiversity; human health; noise pollution; Aboriginal cultural heritage; historic cultural heritage; visual amenity; mine closure and rehabilitation; greenhouse gas emissions; and the economic modelling used to assess the Project.  Greg Olsen, a WinZero member, has worked tirelessly on raising objections to this expansion.  You can continue to sign a petition that Greg is working to have  tabled in parliament.  

Water Mining - Southern Highlands
(Not to mention the proposed Sand Quarry)

Land and Environment Court Hearing – Wingecarribee Shire Council ats Woodbine Park Nominees Pty Ltd.  The Applicant, Woodbine Park Nominees Pty Ltd are appealing the two year trial period for 24 hour water extraction and truck movements along the Wombeyan Caves Road.  This is the site that Coca Cola sources its water for its Mt Franklin bottled water.  Concerns include the amount of water extracted, noise, condition of road, danger to cyclists and other motorists and wildlife.   The hearing is listed for 29 and 30 July 30 2021.   Residents are encouraged to provide written submissions to lawyers representing WSC, supplemented with photographs and videos no later than 5 July to LindsayTaylorLawyers.  

Everyone can also help the environment by not buying bottled water.

ReGreening the Wingecarribee River

Lyndal Breen recounts the many decades of work with the ReGreening the Wingecarribee River projects. 

The more or less accidental building of the Buradoo to Berrima walking track opened up a substantial access along the river which has allowed both bush regeneration and also historical rediscoveries along the riverside.  Read the full story here

Join an MP Letter Writing Group

The climate crisis hasn’t gone away and we need to keep our politicians on their toes.  It matters to MPs what the mood in their electorate is and what constituents want. 

But they can’t know that unless we tell them!

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