Do you want to volunteer for WinZero?  Keep an eye on this page where we will be posting specific volunteer opportunities.  

Community Engagement Organiser

What: Chief “cat-herder”  to plan and organise teams to run WinZero stands at events throughout the Southern Highlands

How long: A few hours per week

How often: A few times per month

WinZero has prioritise building its profile in the community so having a presence at local markets  or events is a great way to engage in conversation with a wide range of people in our community.

Do you love public events and love organising volunteers?  The first job would be to recruit a team of people who could take on the task of organising a WinZero presence at four or more events in 2021.   


What: Help us keep our accounts up to date by working with our Treasurer on entering data and keeping track of the banking.

How long: A few minutes a day and the occasional meeting on Zoom with the Treasurer and/or Secretary.

How often: A couple of times a week

Instagram star

What: Curate our instagram account with fun pictures, sassy comments and links to our events and programs.

How long: A few minutes a day and the occasional communications meeting on zoom.

How often: a few times a week

Social media is central to how we keep in touch, network and promote our activities, and at the moment we use Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  

If you take good photos and want to make a difference, and don’t mind checking in with the comms manager once a fortnight, please get in touch.

Videographer and/or script writer

(enthusiastic amateurs welcome)
What: create video case studies to bring our local success stories to life.
How long: Not gunna lie.  I know this is very time consuming.  Every bit helps.

How often: Completely up to you.

Video case studies are incredibly useful for articulating how adding making personal changes to reduce your carbon footprint help.   We hope to inspire others to take action when they see these personal stories.

T-Shirt Supervisor

What: Store, track stock,  and re-order WinZero T-Shirts.

How long: A few hours a month

How often: Small commitment

We hope our WinZero T-Shirts  is that it helps create community  awareness and promote Team WinZero  loyalty.

Easiest way to contact us is via email: