The Southern Highlands

Also known as the Wingecarribee Shire, the Southern Highlands is a pretty dispersed community with just over 50,000 people spread out across 2.330 square kms. Yet we’re united on one thing.

Here's how we stand at the moment

Wingecarribee Carbon Emissions

Wingecarribee is a regional area that is moderate in size relative to the state average and has a moderate urban density. Its major emissions source is electricity consumption, due to the community’s scale of population and commercial activity. The second largest source of emissions is on road transportation.

The Snapshot community climate tool has been led by Beyond Zero Emissions and Ironbark Sustainability. (2018-2019 Snapshot) Read more

As you can see, our main CO2 emissions is electricity consumption, specifically industrial, followed by transport. So this is our target.These are the figures we need to reduce. 

Now we just need to get on with it.

The Way to Help Us 🍀

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