Designing our towns for people not cars:

New Compact Townships

An Alternative to Sprawl

Had enough of urban sprawl and its negative impacts on traffic, congestion, the environment, and social cohesion? 

There is a better way!

In this video, we’ll introduce you to the benefits of planned compact towns and how it offers a new approach to building communities that support the endeavours and lifestyles of Southern Highlands’ residents.

Tullimbar Village Tour

Join us for a tour of Tullimbar Village, a new town in the Western part of Shellharbour city,  that offers a refreshing alternative to conventional urban sprawl. 

Tullimbar Village is a planned community that prioritizes sustainability, livability, and community. With a mix of residential, commercial, and recreational areas, as well as pedestrian-friendly design, green spaces, and shared amenities.  Tullimbar Village offers a higher quality of life for residents and a more efficient use of land.

New Compact Townships

An Alternative to Sprawl

On May 6 2023, Neville Fredericks was the guest speaker at the Robertson Futures/WinZero event held in Robertson. 

In this video, we bring you a recording of that talk. Neville Fredericks is a familiar name to many residents of Robertson, particularly due to his efforts as the chair of RADSPA, a group dedicated to bringing an aquatic centre and a multipurpose hall to the town. 

However, his dedication to understanding how the layout of our community impacts the health of its residents extends back several decades. With fourteen years of experience as a councillor and seven as Mayor of Kiama and a recipient of the prestigious Emeritus Mayor Award under his belt, Neville has made significant contributions to local government.

Are you interested in New Towns and an alternative to Urban Sprawl in the Southern Highlands? Please get in touch.