Everything you do makes a difference

How you spend your money, where you keep your money, what you eat, what you throw away – all of it makes a difference if we’re just a bit more conscious of our choices. And speaking up actually works too, especially when we all speak together. 

 Here’s what you can do right now

Considering time and effort, switching to renewable energy
 probably has the greatest cost-benefit ration of anything you 
 can do for the environment, and the generations to follow.

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If you can, and you can afford it – get some solar panels on the roof.  They’re a lot more affordable than they used to be, and will pay for themselves before long. Download printable brochure


If you need a new car now, check out an electric vehicle before anything else. Although they might be a touch more expensive at the moment, they’re a lot cheaper to run.  The average cost of running a car on petrol or diesel today is $1.50 per litre, while the equivalent for an electric vehicle is $0.33. They also need far less maintenance, which saves you money too.

Carsguide Australia


We know changing your superannuation can be a bit daunting, and a bit of a hassle too. 

Before you refuse point blank, however, find out what your existing superannuation fund is doing with your money, and then decide if you can sleep at night. Find out if your retirement plan is part of the problem here.


This is a big move, again, we know, but how long would it really take. A few hours?

Redirect some direct debits, and maybe cancel a few at the same time? Find out what your bank is doing with your money here, you may be surprised.



Stay in touch, stay informed, and share it with others when you want to.  Everyone deserves to know what’s going on. Don’t you think? 

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