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This infographic shows climate choices. Credit: Seth Wynes/Kimberly Nicholas, Environmental Research Letters, 2017


Commit to reducing your impact on the climate by more than half of what it is today by 2030. Check out the carbon calculator at Low Carbon Living which produces a detailed carbon footprint analysis and provides users with their own interactive user portal including custom recommendations and an action plan. Free for households.

Plant Trees

As many as you can join your local Landcare group or seek others with an active tree-planting program. Get out there when you can, and when you can’t support others who do so. ​

Get Active

Join a local group taking action to reduce emissions, working with communities to address climate change (there are over 70 local groups in Australia) eg Climate Action Network Australia (CANA) or WinZero

Get Political

Decide that you will be part of the politics of the future. You will vote for, campaign for and support candidates who champion emissions reductions Ask your local parties/candidates what action they will take in government to address climate change impacts. Vote for the political party that pledges to take practical action on climate change. Write letters to politicians – snail mail if you can – form a letter-writing group, keep up the pressure demanding a National Action Plan on Climate Change ​

Building or Renovating

Check out these Low Carbon Guides which summarises best practice in various phases of the building lifecycle—construction, retrofit, operation—for a range of building types in the residential and commercial sectors and at the level of precincts.


ATTENTION all WinZero waste warriors! We have the ultimate closed loop, waste free, action that you can start to be a part of TODAY! Next time you look at a pile of food scraps from cooking or left-over meals PLEASE don't see them as waste and slide them into your bin. What you are looking at is a wonderful resource. No chickens? No compost pile? NO WORRIES! Join for free.

Commit to reducing your impact on the climate by more than half of what it is today by 2030.


Install solar panels (and batteries) when possible Use appliances eg dishwasher, washing machine during the day to minimise night time use of coal-fired power. ​


Be aware of energy use, switch off lights, appliances. Get energy-friendly light bulbs. Minimise air conditioning. Dry clothes in the sun.….Reducing your energy lowers demand for coal-fired power. Discover incentives at

Electric Vehicle

The number of electric cars available in Australia is rapidly rising, trade in your petrol car, buy an EV and charge it from your solar panels. Check out latest information at Car Advice

Go Meat Free

Eating a vegan diet could be the “single biggest way” to reduce your environmental impact on earth, a
new study suggests. Researchers at the University of Oxford found that cutting meat and dairy products from your diet could reduce an individual's carbon footprint from food by up to 73 per cent.

Tell Others

Spread the good news! The more our community pulls together to create change, the quicker we will achieve our goals and built a better future for all.

By 2030

Have met your goals

Download the WinZero Flyer to share with your family and friends.

Keep Informed

Read everything you can and check out organisations such as the Climate Counci ​


Change to ethical, fossil-fuel free investments. Change from banks who invest in fossil fuels. Check out ​


Let’s all switch to an energy company that supports new renewable energy and make a dent in our emissions.  It takes a few minutes. The impact is for eternity. YES I WILL MOVE AWAY FROM FOSSIL FUELS

Switch for Renters

If you’re renting, check out solar for renters There is a range of programs in development such as Enova’s solar garden concept

Consume Less

Consuming less means wasting fewer resources and making sustainable decisions for everyday living. Appreciate all that you have, be as self-sufficient as you can and ensure what you do consume can be part of a circular economy. Living in this way not only helps the environment, but encourages greater community connections and can save money too. Less can be so much more!


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Stay Positive

Awesome things are happening in local and regional Australia, so join the dynamic movement addressing climate change (with projects such as solar farms, tree planting, waste reduction, local food and farmers’ markets, alternative transport, energy efficiency and more). ​

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