Low Carbon Emissions Actions

"States and territories are leading the transition to renewable energy in Australia, as the Federal Government not only fails to lead but obstructs progress"

Federal Government

Primed for Action: A Resilient Recovery for Australia

The Federal Government’s Technology Investment Roadmap ignores the urgent need to reach net zero emissions.

The only viable recovery for Australia from the economic impacts of COVID-19 is to reorient the Australian economy toward net zero emissions and step up as a global renewables-led powerhouse.

The Federal Government’s “roadmap” puts the interests of the fossil fuel lobby ahead of the interests of Australians. We need a plan to remove all fossil fuels from our economy.

The Climate Council’s new report, ‘Primed for Action: A Resilient Recovery for Australia’, shows that recovery from the COVID-19 crisis presents a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to prime Australia to be a renewables powerhouse, creating jobs and tackling climate change at the same time.

Australia must:

  1. Replace all fossil fuels: coal, oil and gas.
  2. Power everything with renewables.
  3. Step up as a global exporter of zero emissions energy, technology and services.
  4. Take action on the land and coasts to boost resilience and productivity.

State Government

How Do the Australian States Rate - 2019 Scorecard



Climate Council

State of Play Report

State of Play: Renewable Energy Leaders and Losers tracks the relative progress of Australian states and territories based on their performance across a range of renewable energy metrics: share of electricity from renewable energy; proportion of households with rooftop solar; large-scale wind and solar capacity per capita; and targets or policies in place to support the transition.

Climate Council

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Local Government

Wingecarribee Shire Council

Wingecarribee Shire Council is committed to energy management and reducing our reliance on fossil fuels.

The creation of a Revolving Energy Fund (REFund) in 2011 has provided a dedicated funding source for projects focused on reducing our billed energy consumption. To date seven Council projects have been completed through this fund.

Council has installed 214kW of Solar PV on six of our buildings including a 99.75kW system on our Moss Vale Aquatic Centre. LED lighting upgrades have been undertaken at various sites including our Civic Centre and Libraries.

Maintenance and renewal actions within or Sewer network have reduced storm water infiltration which results in a reduction in energy consumption at our treatment plants during wet weather events.

Our Shire is a state leader in domestic waste recycling with a recycling rate in 2014-15 of 83%. Council supports community recycling through its Community Recycling Centre which enables our community to recycle a large variety of materials inlcuding soft plastics, e-waste, and household chemicals.

Looking at the broader sustainability of our shire, Council supports a range of programs focused on improving our local biodiversity and waterways. Our 140 volunteer’s work with council staff to plant over 6,000 plants each year. Council manages over 40 significant bushland reserves totaling over 4,000 Ha, and our private land conservation program supports nearly 3,000Ha of important bush land on private properties with the aim of conserving wildlife habitat and corridors.


What would Council like to achieve in the future

Council is developing an energy management plan that will support ongoing actions for energy management.

We will be focusing on improving energy efficiency at our facilities initially by undertaking more detailed energy monitoring of our sites to help identify efficiency opportunities.

We aim to increase our use of renewable energy at locations where there is a sound business case to do so, and will periodically re-assess opportunities in line with technology advancements and cost benefit.

Public lighting is also a focus area for our Council as is increasing the sustainability of our community through investigating how we can influence sustainable development in the shire.

2018 Wingecarribee Council joined the Cities Power Partnership?

We recognise that local government has the ability to drive change in our community. We look forward to working with and learning from other Councils, sharing experience and knowledge so that we can collectively implement measures that will reduce GHG emissions across Australia.    Read More

2020 – Wingecarribee Shire Council dec


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States and territories are leading the transition to renewable energy in Australia, as the Federal Government not only fails to ...
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