From the Ground Up – Regenerative Agriculture

Inspired by Charles Massy’s best-selling book “Call of the Reed Warbler”, filmmaker Amy Browne set out across the dry farming country of South East NSW to meet Massy and the other trailblazing farmers bringing new life to their land. Regenerative agriculture is one of the most promising wide-scale environmental solutions. This short documentary is a comprehensive journey through a variety of landscapes and regenerative farming techniques. ‘From the Ground Up’ is a story of genuine change and inspiration – tracing the steps of individuals who transformed their practices following the life-changing realisation – that farmers have a unique opportunity to heal the planet. Additional resources on regenerative agriculture: TED Talks – Allan Savory on “How to fight desertification and reverse climate change”:… – Charles Massy on “How regenerative farming can help save the planet and human health”:…

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