Forecasting the Future: How to Prepare for the Challenges of Tomorrow

Join us for an engaging and informative guest speaker event on the topic of “Forecasting the Future: How to Prepare for the Challenges of Tomorrow in Our Community.” This event is presented by Robertson Futures Group and WinZero, and will feature two esteemed experts in the field.

Professor Greg Morrison, Co-Director of Western Sydney University’s Urban Transformations Research Centre, will be sharing his insights on the foundational forces that will drive change in our local communities, such as resource depletion, climate change impacts, and supply constraints. Professor Morrison will draw on his extensive research and experience in the field of urban sustainability to provide an in-depth analysis of what lies ahead for our community.

Neville Fredericks, Urban Sustainability Advocate and Deputy-Chair of Robertson Futures, will also be presenting on this topic, sharing his own perspectives on the challenges and opportunities that the Robertson community will face in the future. As a passionate advocate for sustainable development and environmental conservation, Mr. Fredericks will bring a unique and valuable perspective to the conversation.

This event will be an excellent opportunity to learn more about the forces that will shape our community’s future, and to explore the steps that we can take to prepare for the challenges that lie ahead. Whether you are a concerned citizen, a community leader, or a business owner, this event is not to be missed. Join us for a thought-provoking discussion and insights from some of the leading experts in the field.

When: 6 May 2-4.30pm 

Where: Robertson School of Arts, 55 Hoddle St, Robertson, NSW, 2577