Why Diamond Energy

After careful research and fact-checking Diamond Energy was selected as our electricity retailer of choice based on the following:

Renewable Energy Credentials

  • Diamond Energy has NO interest in coal generation, coal mining or gas (including coal seam gas).
  • They own and operate renewable energy generators and support solar, wind, bio energy and wave technologies.
  • They deliver more electricity sourced from renewables to the grid than their customers consume.
  • They do not need to purchase carbon offsets to be carbon neutral – they go even further.



  • Diamond Energy’s offers are very competitive for residential and small business customers with set and forget plans that include ongoing discounts.

Supporting your renewables

  • Diamond Energy have been highly rated by Greenpeace since 2009 and share the current number 1 five star rating on the Green Electricity Guide.  They topped the solar category for electricity offers and feed-in rates to solar customers.
  • They offer customers a smart meter at no cost** with usage data accessible through a My Account portal.
  • They have a selection of innovative products to help you maximise your solar/battery systems.



  • Diamond Energy were ranked number 1 in the top 10 energy companies in Australia with very low complaint rates and 100% of calls being answered within 30 seconds.
  • They are majority Australian owned with a customer support team based in Victoria.

How do I switch?

Switching to Diamond Energy takes a few minutes. They handle everything for you, including contacting your existing retailer. Get started here.