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Solar Panels

Bowral Library

A 29.75kw solar power system was installed on the roof of Bowral Library in July 2014. Bowral Library is an ideal site for solar panels due to its large roof area which receives plenty of unobstructed sunlight. As the Library is located in the Bowral heritage precinct, the new solar panels have been flat mounted to minimise their visual impact.

The system is designed to reduce the Library’s annual carbon emissions by 38 tonnes and is estimated to save around $8000/year in electricity costs. It is expected that almost all the energy generated by the system will be used on site during the 6 days the library is open, with some electricity being fed back into the electricity grid on Sundays when the Library is closed.

Bowral Library completed a lighting upgrade in February 2013. This project involved replacing the existing light globes and fluorescent tubes with lights that achieve a similar lighting output, but using less electricity.

The upgrade is estimated to save 7167 kWh per annum (approximately $2,310 per year).

Annual Savings

It is anticipated that the 29.75 kilowatt solar panel system will save the library around $8000 per year in electricity costs and reduce carbon emissions by 38 tonnes per annum.


Energy Savings

Southern Highlands

Wingecarribee Council

Wingecarribee Public Libraries and Wingecarribee Shire Council are undertaking a number of projects to minimise the Library’s environmental impact.