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Net Zero Carbon Emissions
for the future of Humankind

The Southern Highlands, So Beautiful.

So let’s keep it that way.

The Southern Highlands is a beautiful place to live, a beautiful place to visit,
and everything we do to pursue net zero carbon emission – will help keep it that way.

Community All-In Solutions

Everything you do makes a difference, no matter how small…

Individual Choices

What can I do?

A lot more than you might think.  Almost everything you do makes a difference.  Some changes are quick and easy, some take a little longer.


How can Business Help?

There’s lots you can do, and we’re all watching, deciding where to spend our money.  So be careful about your choices.


About Wingecarribee

Snapshot of Wingecarribee





Land Area

2,689 km sq

2017 municipal emissions snapshot

Wingecarribee Carbon Emissions

Wingecarribee is a regional area that is moderate in size relative to the state average and has a moderate urban density. Its major emissions source is electricity consumption, due to the community’s scale of population and commercial activity. The second largest source of emissions is on road transportation.

The Snapshot community climate tool has been led by Beyond Zero Emissions and Ironbark Sustainability. (2018-2019 Snapshot) Read more